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Ambrosia apples contest
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* Just upload a photo showing you, or your family and friends, enjoying an Ambrosia Apple! OR… How about them apples? A picture of a gorgeous recipe you created in your #AmbrosiaKitchen.

* Be Creative … Be Quirky! … Be Dramatic! … Be Funny! … Make it a simple photo, or an elaborate one! Have our judges say “Hmmmm?” … or “Hahaha!” … or maybe “Yummmm!”

* Photos must be in .jpg, .jpeg, .png, or .gif and may not exceed 1 MB in size.

* The winner will be determined by judges (see judges’ page for details) choice. Although there are no prizes for getting your friends to vote for your entry, it might just get the attention of the judges!

* Contest starts January 8 and ends March 25, 2020 and is open to all residents of Canada aged 18 years and over, except for residents of Quebec.

* Prize must be used by May 31, 2020.

* You can enter as many times as you like, but only once per photo! (Complete rules and regulations here.)



#AmbrosiaKitchen Photo Contest

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Allowed File Types:.jpg,-.jpeg,-.png,-.gif- Allowed File Size Limit:4MB

My dog Cedar loves Ambrosia apples, in fact we give him some every day at lunch.

My dog Cedar loves Ambrosia apples, in fact we give him some every day at lunch.

A healthy, delicious fruit salad consisting of Ambrosia apples, bananas and peaches.

My dog Cedar loves Ambrosia apples, in fact we give him some every day at lunch.

An easy and tasty snack! Cut up Ambrosia  apples with chocolate yogurt dip! Yummy!

Still eating an apple a day, even on vacation in Antigua this week 🙂

I love a nice crisp slice of apple

Sharing an Ambrosia apple

you just can’t stop at one bute

A great pre or post workout snack! Tasty apples with peanut butter and blueberries!

don’t take my apple

There is nothing better than apples off a tree.

A tasty Ambrosia apple along with a hard boiled egg provide great nutrition after my workout!

The kids’ favourite snack to refuel on hikes, regardless of the season, are crisp, sweet and perfect Ambrosia Apples! Honestly, my kids won’t eat any other kind!

A great recipe that is not good for diabetes like myself but I could not help myselr

Yummy sweet, crisp, crunchy and healthy snack for my Mordy.

A take on the old days when somethings were just simple and to the point. This is a definite attention getter and could be an advertising campaign for Ambrosia or all Okanagan apples . . . .

Ambrosia apple pie

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