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We are happy to announce the winning entry – as chosen by the judges – in the #AmbrosiaKitchen contest, is Mike Lane from Saanichton, BC for his photo My Favourite Snack.  Congratulations Mike!  Enjoy your stay at Spirit Ridge Resort and all the fabulous experiences there.


#AmbrosiaKitchen Photo Contest

Contest Ended

Ambrosia Apple Dance to show our love for these delicious apples

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Ambrosia Apples and his puppy Buddy. ❤️

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Ambrosia lover

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Our Son & Granddaughter maintaining a “balanced” & healthy diet by eating an Ambrosia apple a day!

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Even Tiggy enjoys Ambrosia apples! #AmbrosiaKitchen

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“…a special “sharing” sombrero, my sweet Ambrosia!”

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On way to work!

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Why do they leave they bananas and eat all my apples??

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shocked apple being peeled by peeler

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Ambrosia apples and peanut butter. The perfect pairing! #AmbrosiaKitchen

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Delicious Snack Time!

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Anything sweet!! Watch your Ambrosia apples, the sweetest apples around!

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A beautiful plant snack made with ambrosia love 🍎

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oh no, only enough left for 3 days #AmbrosiaKitchen

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when there’s no snow, we improvise! #AmbrosiaKitchen

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Breaking News: Local residents have been left with outstretched arms and open mouths in bemusement after a shower of Ambrosia apples fell from the sky.

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now where did I put that apple? #AmbrosiaKitchen

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Lunch during the quarantine; my kids said they just wanted apples by themselves, but I made a dessert pizza to fill in the food groups 😉

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Taking an Ambrosia Apple along for the hike is always a good idea!

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