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We are happy to announce the winning entry – as chosen by the judges – in the #AmbrosiaKitchen contest, is Mike Lane from Saanichton, BC for his photo My Favourite Snack.  Congratulations Mike!  Enjoy your stay at Spirit Ridge Resort and all the fabulous experiences there.


#AmbrosiaKitchen Photo Contest

Contest Ended

Yumm yumm Apple 🍏 fritter

14 Votes


Basil Garlic Lime Pork with Ambrosia

189 Votes

Mr sun sun mr golden ☀️ please shine down on me…

30 Votes

Our Leroy Brown was caught red handed, getting into the pantry to steal an apple. He is obsessed with Ambrosia apples, and we now have to keep them in the fridge

5 Votes

adds crisp to lime arlic pork and ceasar

118 Votes

Will you Ambrosia me? ❤️

38 Votes

My 6 year old is a fruit lover. He nicked an apple from our fruit bowl and ate it sneakily.

2 Votes

Ambrosa and Lime/Garlic/Basil BBQ Pork

111 Votes
54 Votes

Garlic Lime Pork and Ambrosia

327 Votes

Ambrosia Apple Enchilada with Mexican Ice Cream, perfect with a smooth merlot 👍🏻🍎🍷

6 Votes

Ambrosia apples are naturally sweet so no sugar required for this applesauce. Enjoy alone or as a topping!

6 Votes

Add Ambrosia to Caesar and Lime/Garlic Pork

354 Votes

bbq lime and garlic ork

683 Votes

Great with Barlic/Lime Pork

57 Votes

Ambrosia makes curried chicken even better

1 Votes

added flavour and crunch

139 Votes

Recipe: vegetable cracker, smoked Gouda, smoked turkey topped with Ambrosia apple slices 👌🏻

5 Votes

Ambrosia and Kale awaiting pork

222 Votes
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