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We are happy to announce the winning entry – as chosen by the judges – in the #AmbrosiaKitchen contest, is Mike Lane from Saanichton, BC for his photo My Favourite Snack.  Congratulations Mike!  Enjoy your stay at Spirit Ridge Resort and all the fabulous experiences there.


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Ambrosia may mean the food of the gods but it is also the food of curling athletes! Ambrosia apples is a proud sponsor of curling for healthy living and strong community. Ambrosia apples are low in acid and naturally sweet.

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love my Ambrosia and nuts about it

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Little Bougie Nonna enjoying some Ambrosia picking at a local Ontario farm!

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Ambrosia: handcrafted fun! Not just for simply cooking and eating. Create some family fun in the kitchen with the kids first.

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Ambrosia cheese and crackers

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almost gone

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I love using Ambrosia apples for making my Candy Apples! They’re such a delicious compliment to each other!

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A special treat for any occasion and any season!

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Eating too many Ambrosia apples makes him sleepy!

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and another slice gone

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another slice gone

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wedges ready

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Recipe: Vegetable biscuits topped with Smoked Gouda Cheese, Smoked Turkey and finish off with a Slice of an Ambrosia Apple. Serve with a hard apple scrumpy. ❤️

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Pork tenderloin on a bed of saucy buttery apples

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just can’t stop snack’n

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A pic of fine, delicious & splendid Ambrosia apple

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apple crostata

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second bite

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