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We are happy to announce the winning entry – as chosen by the judges – in the #AmbrosiaKitchen contest, is Mike Lane from Saanichton, BC for his photo My Favourite Snack.  Congratulations Mike!  Enjoy your stay at Spirit Ridge Resort and all the fabulous experiences there.


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Betcha can’ eat just one…

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Hi name Joseph

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Recipe: Ambrosia Apple – cubed with a dash of cinnamon. Whipped cream. Crumbled butterscotch shortbread cookies. Layer in a parfait glass.

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Choose Ambrosia apples any time of the year! Fresh is best!

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whole sliced and an Ambrosia fritter

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Bite the best apple at BC Home show

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perfect snack Ambrosia and cookie

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WOW. Big thumbs up to Ambrosia apples at the Ambrosia booth.

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got may Ambrosia and banana so I’m set for the day

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Me with an Ambrosia apple! so delicious!

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Just enjoying an apple!

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Last piece and no I didn’t share

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Lunch preparation at its finest

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Deciding if I should cut it up or eat it as it is…

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gotta love Ambrosia with peanut butter and fresh breadroll

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