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Ambrosia Apple A Day Contest

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Total votes for the Contest "An Ambrosia Apple A Day" : 10979

So many apples! About to make something delicious!

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Apples shopping for Ambrosia apples!

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9 month old granddaughter sitting in the orchard of ambrosia trees

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A cold, crisp and delicious Ambrosia apple to fuel my adventures….

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Just when you thought an Ambrosia couldn’t get any more delicious!

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Just one left! Who ate all the Ambrosias?!

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Picnic time with Foxy Loxy!

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Ambrosia apples are so crunchy ..yumyum

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Tasting the best apples by the best people at the BC home and garden show.

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An apple a day keeps the Dr. Away…so many health benefits!!

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My husband Mike enjoys his Ambrosia Apples in big bites, where I prefer to slice mine to eat. DELICIOUS! We would love to win for our 42nd Anniversary! Thank you #ambrosiappleaday contest!

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Don’t mind me – I’m just here enjoying my Ambrosia apple!

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It Doesn’t get any better than this…sweet/juicy/crunchy and healthy!! Ambrosia Apples We love YOU!!

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Oatmeal topped with an ambrosia apple that I cooked up with some cinnamon and coconut sugar!

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Ruby, our 15 year old “pup” spent some time staring at the Ambrosia apple set inside our sliding patio door.

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There is nothing better in the world than eating an Ambrosia apple for breakfast. Well, actually there is, it’s when you eat 2 of them.

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