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Ambrosia Apple A Day Contest

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Gotta love eating an Ambrosia Apple topped with Peanut Butter! Abbey sure does!

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The chickadees always join me for a snack when I walk the nature trail by our house.

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Enjoying the best apple in the country…an Ambrosia apple

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Another new recipe with delicious ambrosia apples – a keeper

73 Votes

Bart Healey having fun in the fruit store

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Oatmeal topped with an ambrosia apple that I cooked up with some cinnamon and coconut sugar!

5 Votes

My husband enjoying an Ambrosia Apple

6 Votes

Don’t just enjoy 1 ambrosia apple, bit into two of them.

2 Votes

Even when we are in a restaurant he asks for his favourite apples!

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Inspired by Dr. Seuss’ “Ten Apples Up on Top”, we have attempted to stack our own Ambrosia apples and enjoyed a few along the way.

123 Votes

Coffee break energy

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Apple picking in the orchard – trying to get em all!!

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4 Votes

I would drink my Ambrosia apples everyday if I could

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Shopping with my new bag!

7 Votes


An apple a day on a frigid afternoon at the grocery store

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Every day I pick up my grandson Ezra from school. What better time to enjoy a delicious ambrosia Apple while I wait!

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