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Ambrosia Apple A Day Contest

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Another new recipe with delicious ambrosia apples – a keeper

73 Votes

Every day I pick up my grandson Ezra from school. What better time to enjoy a delicious ambrosia Apple while I wait!

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I would drink my Ambrosia apples everyday if I could

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Here Grammy…take my water. But not my apple!!

21 Votes

I love my Ambrosia Apples just the way they are!! We all hope for a bit of Heaven on Earth, but TRULY, take a big bite into BC’s Ambrosia Apple and you have a BITE of Ambrosia Heaven on Earth!

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Just as fun as making a real snowman but tastes much better.

60 Votes

The chickadees always join me for a snack when I walk the nature trail by our house.

1 Votes

I like to share my Ambrosia Apples with Parker and Adelaide – two of my grandchildren – who shared the LAST apple in the fruit bowl

21 Votes

Enjoying Ambrosia apples all year round!

9 Votes

Lizzy enjoying the aroma of an awesome Ambrosia Apple and trying to decide if she should take a bite!

4 Votes

It’s hard to choose which recipe to try first with delicious Ambrosia apples – didn’t have a campfire so used the oven. So good! Just needs ice cream

85 Votes

Extra surprise while picking ambrosias

2 Votes

Gotta love eating an Ambrosia Apple topped with Peanut Butter! Abbey sure does!

3 Votes

Abbey LOVES Ambrosia Apples and is waiting patiently to dive into this one!

4 Votes

It’s always blissful when you can eat ambosia apples.

1 Votes

A cold, crisp and delicious Ambrosia apple to fuel my adventures….

54 Votes

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