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Ambrosia Apple A Day Contest

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I like to share my Ambrosia Apples with Parker and Adelaide – two of my grandchildren – who shared the LAST apple in the fruit bowl

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When our little pirates need a healthy snack, they go for the treasure….an Ambrosia apple

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Just one left! Who ate all the Ambrosias?!

4 Votes

It’s always blissful when you can eat ambosia apples.

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Enjoying Ambrosia apples all year round!

9 Votes

Oatmeal topped with an ambrosia apple that I cooked up with some cinnamon and coconut sugar!

5 Votes

Don’t mind me – I’m just here enjoying my Ambrosia apple!

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It is true you are what you eat. Being a senior I need to look after myself every day. I get help from my family. Eating Ambrosia Apples are a great way to reduce strokes and high blood pressure. Thank

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Abbey’s favourite treat is an Ambrosia Apple!

4 Votes


Apples shopping for Ambrosia apples!

2 Votes

So many apples! About to make something delicious!

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There is no better way to eat an Ambrosia apple taking a nice big bite.

11 Votes

Taking snow walks with ambrosia apple snacks are the best 🙂

25 Votes

Just because you are over 80, does not mean you can’t be silly. It is important that my mother eat good foods such as Ambrosia Apples. Eating well does not mean you can not have fun with your food.

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While eating an Ambrosia apple, our 15 year old “pup” decided to smack her lips.

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Apple picking in the orchard – trying to get em all!!

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Nothing better than an Ambrosia apple and peanut butter!!!

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