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Ambrosia Apple A Day Contest

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Total votes for the Contest "An Ambrosia Apple A Day" : 10979

Even when we are in a restaurant he asks for his favourite apples!

6 Votes

Gotta love eating an Ambrosia Apple topped with Peanut Butter! Abbey sure does!

3 Votes

There is no better way to eat an Ambrosia apple taking a nice big bite.

11 Votes

Enjoying an apple at the Brier 2019.

2 Votes

While eating an Ambrosia apple, our 15 year old “pup” decided to smack her lips.

2 Votes

My favourite way to eat my ambrosia apples – by the fire on cheese and crackers

150 Votes

Breakfast is on its way, in my sleigh!

382 Votes

Extra surprise while picking ambrosias

2 Votes

Just because you are over 80, does not mean you can’t be silly. It is important that my mother eat good foods such as Ambrosia Apples. Eating well does not mean you can not have fun with your food.

6 Votes

Just when you thought an Ambrosia couldn’t get any more delicious!

4193 Votes

Enjoying Ambrosias the Thunder Bay way!

253 Votes

Shopping with my new bag!

7 Votes

Waiting for Cupid’s Arrow

19 Votes

My husband Mike enjoys his Ambrosia Apples in big bites, where I prefer to slice mine to eat. DELICIOUS! We would love to win for our 42nd Anniversary! Thank you #ambrosiappleaday contest!

1 Votes

When our little pirates need a healthy snack, they go for the treasure….an Ambrosia apple

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Apples shopping for Ambrosia apples!

2 Votes

Saute peeled Ambrosia apples in butter, brown sugar and maple syrup and top buttermilk waffles with the mixture.

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