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Ambrosia Apple A Day Contest

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Cola and Blythe love ambrosia apples. Especially together! Cola usually gets the biggest piece

30 Votes

My niece Zoe enjoying an amazing Ambrosia Apple

2 Votes

What a delicious and satisfying snack an Ambrosia Apple is!

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Our 2 year old can’t just stop at one Ambrosia Apple. She always wants 2!

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Picnic time with Foxy Loxy!

34 Votes

My husband enjoying an Ambrosia Apple

6 Votes

An apple a day keeps the Dr. Away…so many health benefits!!

1 Votes

Drawing in class…

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In heaven eating my apple on the ferry.

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It’s hard to choose which recipe to try first with delicious Ambrosia apples – didn’t have a campfire so used the oven. So good! Just needs ice cream

85 Votes

Ruby, our 15 year old “pup” spent some time staring at the Ambrosia apple set inside our sliding patio door.

3 Votes

Enjoying the best apple in the country…an Ambrosia apple

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I just did my work out sit and be fit. I enjoy lot of fluids after my workout and a healthy snack. My favourite is Ambrosia apples and sharp cheddar cheese.

3 Votes

It is true you are what you eat. Being a senior I need to look after myself every day. I get help from my family. Eating Ambrosia Apples are a great way to reduce strokes and high blood pressure. Thank

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Apples shopping for Ambrosia apples!

2 Votes

Breakfast is on its way, in my sleigh!

382 Votes
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An ambrosia a day keeps the road rage away!

2 Votes

Here Grammy…take my water. But not my apple!!

21 Votes

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