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Ambrosia Apple A Day Contest

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Total votes for the Contest "An Ambrosia Apple A Day" : 10979

Breakfast is on its way, in my sleigh!

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A pee wee player eats an Ambrosia apple, as a snack at the rink.

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Apples shopping for Ambrosia apples!

2 Votes

Cola and Blythe love ambrosia apples. Especially together! Cola usually gets the biggest piece

30 Votes

Here Grammy…take my water. But not my apple!!

21 Votes

When our little pirates need a healthy snack, they go for the treasure….an Ambrosia apple

1 Votes

The Ambrosias are always the first to go. Now I have to head out in a snow storm for more. 😏

6 Votes

Just when you thought an Ambrosia couldn’t get any more delicious!

4193 Votes

Lizzy enjoying the aroma of an awesome Ambrosia Apple and trying to decide if she should take a bite!

4 Votes

Every day I pick up my grandson Ezra from school. What better time to enjoy a delicious ambrosia Apple while I wait!

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Somebody was caught sneaking an ambrosia right before dinner! A favourite in our house!! ❤️

8 Votes

Apple rose up close, made with Ambrosia!

3 Votes

Drawing in class…

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4 Votes

Sorry Gramps but I couldn’t wait for you to pay for it!

4 Votes

Baking for friends with Ambrosia apples.

8 Votes

Coffee break energy

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