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Ambrosia Apple A Day Contest

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Total votes for the Contest "An Ambrosia Apple A Day" : 10979

I just did my work out sit and be fit. I enjoy lot of fluids after my workout and a healthy snack. My favourite is Ambrosia apples and sharp cheddar cheese.

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My favourite way to eat my ambrosia apples – by the fire on cheese and crackers

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Ruby, our 15 year old “pup” spent some time staring at the Ambrosia apple set inside our sliding patio door.

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My husband Mike enjoys his Ambrosia Apples in big bites, where I prefer to slice mine to eat. DELICIOUS! We would love to win for our 42nd Anniversary! Thank you #ambrosiappleaday contest!

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My go to food when I’m running late…and ask anyone, I’m always running late!!

10 Votes

Don’t mind me – I’m just here enjoying my Ambrosia apple!

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The perfect snack. A cold glass of milk and an Ambrosia apple!

2 Votes

I would drink my Ambrosia apples everyday if I could

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Here Grammy…take my water. But not my apple!!

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Extra surprise while picking ambrosias

2 Votes

A pee wee player eats an Ambrosia apple, as a snack at the rink.

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Brother and sister share an Ambrosia apple

4 Votes

What a delicious and satisfying snack an Ambrosia Apple is!

2 Votes

Coffee break energy

1 Votes

Just when you thought an Ambrosia couldn’t get any more delicious!

4193 Votes

Enjoying Ambrosias the Thunder Bay way!

253 Votes

Somebody was caught sneaking an ambrosia right before dinner! A favourite in our house!! ❤️

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