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Ambrosia Apple A Day Contest

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Gotta love eating an Ambrosia Apple topped with Peanut Butter! Abbey sure does!

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Saute peeled Ambrosia apples in butter, brown sugar and maple syrup and top buttermilk waffles with the mixture.

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Nothing better than an Ambrosia apple and peanut butter!!!

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Ambrosias – so delicious they make me feel like I’m soaring!

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A cold, crisp and delicious Ambrosia apple to fuel my adventures….

54 Votes

It is true you are what you eat. Being a senior I need to look after myself every day. I get help from my family. Eating Ambrosia Apples are a great way to reduce strokes and high blood pressure. Thank

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An ambrosia a day keeps the road rage away!

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Don’t mind me – I’m just here enjoying my Ambrosia apple!

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The Ambrosias are always the first to go. Now I have to head out in a snow storm for more. 😏

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My go to food when I’m running late…and ask anyone, I’m always running late!!

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The perfect snack. A cold glass of milk and an Ambrosia apple!

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Breakfast is on its way, in my sleigh!

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Ambrosia apples are our go to snack on the trail

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Just take a big bite of your Ambrosia apple and you will have health and good luck the entire day.

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Rainy weather? Take an Ambrosia apple along for a snack!

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