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Ambrosia Apple A Day Contest

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What a delicious and satisfying snack an Ambrosia Apple is!

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Enjoying an apple at the Brier 2019.

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London, Ontario , is purple for Ambrosia Apples (London in background) (purple is our university colour ie:Shirt)
We have to keep well to go to school each day and AMBROSIA APPLES does keep the doctor away! Not to mention the

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My favourite way to eat my ambrosia apples – by the fire on cheese and crackers

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Picnic time with Foxy Loxy!

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Thank you for having samples of delicious Ambrosia apples. Yum!

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There is nothing better in the world than eating an Ambrosia apple for breakfast. Well, actually there is, it’s when you eat 2 of them.

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Just take a big bite of your Ambrosia apple and you will have health and good luck the entire day.

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Even when we are in a restaurant he asks for his favourite apples!

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Feels like an Ambrosia kinda day.

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9 month old granddaughter sitting in the orchard of ambrosia trees

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Ambrosias – so delicious they make me feel like I’m soaring!

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It Doesn’t get any better than this…sweet/juicy/crunchy and healthy!! Ambrosia Apples We love YOU!!

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Just as fun as making a real snowman but tastes much better.

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Baking for friends with Ambrosia apples.

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Just one left! Who ate all the Ambrosias?!

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It’s always blissful when you can eat ambosia apples.

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