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Ambrosia Apple A Day Contest

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Ruby is always interested in good food.

2 Votes

Rainy weather? Take an Ambrosia apple along for a snack!

1 Votes

Oatmeal topped with an ambrosia apple that I cooked up with some cinnamon and coconut sugar!

5 Votes

Friends sharing their love of Ambrosia apples.

18 Votes

Cola and Blythe love ambrosia apples. Especially together! Cola usually gets the biggest piece

30 Votes

Ambrosia apples are so crunchy ..yumyum

0 Votes

Brother and sister share an Ambrosia apple

4 Votes

Taking snow walks with ambrosia apple snacks are the best 🙂

25 Votes

Even when we are in a restaurant he asks for his favourite apples!

6 Votes

Ambrosia apples are our go to snack on the trail

241 Votes

It’s hard to choose which recipe to try first with delicious Ambrosia apples – didn’t have a campfire so used the oven. So good! Just needs ice cream

85 Votes

There is nothing better in the world than eating an Ambrosia apple for breakfast. Well, actually there is, it’s when you eat 2 of them.

3 Votes

Just take a bite of this ambosia apple.

1 Votes

I like to share my Ambrosia Apples with Parker and Adelaide – two of my grandchildren – who shared the LAST apple in the fruit bowl

21 Votes

There is no better way to eat an Ambrosia apple taking a nice big bite.

11 Votes

Abbey’s favourite treat is an Ambrosia Apple!

4 Votes

Just as fun as making a real snowman but tastes much better.

60 Votes

It Doesn’t get any better than this…sweet/juicy/crunchy and healthy!! Ambrosia Apples We love YOU!!

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