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Ambrosia Apple A Day Contest

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Nothing better than an Ambrosia apple and peanut butter!!!

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I like to share my Ambrosia Apples with Parker and Adelaide – two of my grandchildren – who shared the LAST apple in the fruit bowl

21 Votes

Sorry Gramps but I couldn’t wait for you to pay for it!

4 Votes

Brother and sister share an Ambrosia apple

4 Votes

Tasting the best apples by the best people at the BC home and garden show.

133 Votes

Ambrosia apples are our go to snack on the trail

241 Votes

Abbey LOVES Ambrosia Apples and is waiting patiently to dive into this one!

4 Votes

So many apples! About to make something delicious!

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A wintertime photo taken on the Saanich Peninsula, BC of Ambrosia apples unpicked on a snow covered tree

2 Votes

My go to food when I’m running late…and ask anyone, I’m always running late!!

10 Votes

Enjoying the best apple in the country…an Ambrosia apple

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Taking snow walks with ambrosia apple snacks are the best 🙂

25 Votes

Cola and Blythe love ambrosia apples. Especially together! Cola usually gets the biggest piece

30 Votes

Extra surprise while picking ambrosias

2 Votes

Brought my Ambosias on a picnic with my mom who I would love to take to the Osoyoos this spring.

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Enjoying Ambrosia apples all year round!

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