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Ambrosia Apple A Day Contest

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Total votes for the Contest "An Ambrosia Apple A Day" : 10979

Just take a big bite of your Ambrosia apple and you will have health and good luck the entire day.

4 Votes

Enjoying the best apple in the country…an Ambrosia apple

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Feels like an Ambrosia kinda day.

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An apple a day on a frigid afternoon at the grocery store

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4 Votes

Breakfast is on its way, in my sleigh!

382 Votes

-30 and still enjoying some crunchy sweet apple goodness

2 Votes

Ambrosias – so delicious they make me feel like I’m soaring!

4 Votes

Thank you for having samples of delicious Ambrosia apples. Yum!

4130 Votes

My little ambrosia darling!

77 Votes

Ambrosia apples are so crunchy ..yumyum

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Tasting the best apples by the best people at the BC home and garden show.

133 Votes

Taking a break with a sweet Ambrosia Apple!

91 Votes
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Brother and sister share an Ambrosia apple

4 Votes

Oatmeal topped with an ambrosia apple that I cooked up with some cinnamon and coconut sugar!

5 Votes

It Doesn’t get any better than this…sweet/juicy/crunchy and healthy!! Ambrosia Apples We love YOU!!

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The perfect snack. A cold glass of milk and an Ambrosia apple!

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