Judges – An Ambrosia Apple A Day Contest

Contest Judges

The judges are all Ambrosia apple growers.

Adrian Arts

Adrian Arts

Considered a young gun in the Ambrosia apple growing community, and unlike most farmers his age, Adrian didn’t come into farming by way of his family. After a seasonal job pruning trees, he knew that farming was what he wanted to do with his life.

When an opportunity to lease an orchard arose, he jumped at the chance. Although there was a steep learning curve, his fellow community supports his goals to produce the best possible Ambrosia apples for those who love them.

With three years under his belt, his passion for growing food has not waned. The pure joy he feels as a farmer is evident as he tends to his Ambrosia apple trees and especially as he bites into the crispy, juicy fruits of his labour.
We think you should meet him.

Natalina Araujo

Natalina Araujo
When Natalina took over managing the farm in 2012; she wasn’t a total stranger farming. She’d grown up in the region and loved the way of life. She also married a man whose family were farmers. When she felt the calling to become an orchardist, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Her father-in-law had just started to think about retirement and was thrilled that Natalina was interested. With his guidance, she took the lead.

Life is quite different for Natalina now and she wouldn’t change it for the world. She’s proud to put fresh, nutritious, whole food on people’s tables, especially when that food is Ambrosia apples.

Here is her story.

Railou Gill

Railou Gill
Farmers, in general, are no strangers to risk but Railou Gill appears to be quite friendly with the idea of taking chances.

Railou and his father moved to Canada when he was a teenager. Although he’d spent a little time on his uncle’s farm during his high school years, he had no idea how to run one. That didn’t stop him from taking charge when his father bought an orchard, which was a fantastic success.

His wife, Rupinder wasn’t too sure about Railou’s next gamble: buying a very large piece of barren land that didn’t have a water supply, but their gamble paid off and now Paradise Orchards in Cawston, BC, grows delicious Ambrosia apples.

For Railou and Rupinder, and their four children, every challenge and chance taken comes with a lot of laughter. We’re sure their story will put a smile on your face – we’d love for you to meet them.

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