Chef Eva Chin

Eva Chin
Executive Chef, Royal Dinette, Vancouver, BC

Born and raised on a farm in Hawaii, chef Eva Chin grew up surrounded by the breathtaking bounty that Mother Nature has to offer with her mountains, the ocean, and earth. At an early age, she already understood that food connects people and the land together. These experiences have translated directly into her cooking style, New American.

Eva has staged and cooked at renowned restaurants around the world, including Maaemo in Norway, Jason Atherton’s Pollen Street Social in London, and Shane Osborn’s Arcane in Hong Kong. Osborn was an enormous mentor to Eva, and she credits much of her cooking style and success to him. Eva also opened a successful eight-month pop-up in Hong Kong called The New Hog, right next to the popular Yardbird.

Prior to Royal Dinette, Eva cooked in the Hawksworth and Pidgin kitchens, before taking a brief opportunity to work with Dominique Crenn at Atelier Crenn in San Francisco.

On New American, Eva says “I feel in love with food as a child. Certainly, the food in Hawaiian is a great reflection of what New American is, all the cultures, all the flavours. It is all the dishes we grew up eating, dishes that bring back childhood memories. It is how we want to interpret those dishes, but with the use of more seasonal and local ingredients. And, Vancouver is ready for this type of cuisine – New American farm-to-table.”


Chef Alan FerrerAlan Ferrer
Miku Restaurant, Vancouver, BC

Alan’s passion for providing guests with an unforgettable culinary experience has driven his career from the beginning.  Starting in Grade 10, Alan has been involved in the local Vancouver food culture, working with some of the top restaurants in town. After hearing accounts of Seigo’s passion and dedication to his restaurants and his employees, Alan decided to join the team.  All his experience and hard work propelled him through the ranks to his current dual position as Executive Chef of Minami and Corporate Chef for Aburi Restaurants. A perfectionist by nature, Alan strives to achieve the perfect balance of flavour, texture, presentation, and technique in every dish.  This sincere desire for excellence and passion for guest experience allows him to lead by example, encouraging his team to follow in his footsteps.


Chef Bardia Ilbeiggi

Chef Bardia Ilbeiggi
Executive Chef, Farmer’s Apprentice, Vancouver, BC

An accomplished swimmer and fan of Canadian indie-alternative music, Bardia is an Iranian ex-pat who immigrated to the Great White North at the age of 19 to study aerospace engineering and found his rightful place behind the stove. He changed his flight plan mid stream, travelled to Paris and cut his teeth as a true chef de résistance before returning to the West Coast to become a fixture at Gastown’s L’Abattoir. Bardia revels in the camaraderie and collaboration of competition, and is looking forward to sharing his creation.



Chef Alessandro Vianello

Chef Alessandro Vianello
Executive Chef, Wildebeest Restaurant,   Vancouver, BC

As Gooseneck Hospitality’s Development Chef, Alessandro Vianello oversees menu development and kitchen operations at all four of the company’s Vancouver restaurants — Wildebeest, Bufala, Lucky Taco and Bells and Whistles — and employs his passion for serving dishes comprising locally sourced and sustainable ingredients that underscore the bounty available to chefs plying their trade in the Pacific Northwest.

Vianello first embarked upon a clear-cut path to culinary success when he enrolled in a chef training program in high school in 2004, then headed overseas to further sharpen his skills in Castello Vicchiomaggio’s kitchen and vineyards in Tuscany, where he developed an abiding appreciation for fine wine and food pairing. He returned to Vancouver to work as Lead Cook at the iconic Fairmont Hotel Vancouver and earn his Red Seal certification while graduating at the top of his class at Vancouver Community College before bouncing back across the pond in 2007 to take on the role of Head Chef at 3 AAA Rosette for Esperante in the Fairmont St Andrews in Scotland.

After opening a pair of Prestons Restaurant + Lounge locations in Chilliwack and Vancouver as Executive Chef in 2009, Vianello took his culinary show on the road as co-owner/chef of the highly rated Street Meet food truck in 2011 and went on to helm the back-of-house opening team at ARC Restaurant in the Fairmont Waterfront in 2013 before joining the Gooseneck Hospitality family as Executive Chef of Wildebeest in early 2016.


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