Judges – #AmbrosiaKitchen Contest

Contest Judges

The judges for the #AmbrosiaKitchen Contest are all Ambrosia apple growers.


Doug Boult

If you could see the care and attention that Doug Boult puts into growing his Ambrosia apples, we bet it would come through with every crunch. Doug and his wife Roberta run Rafter B Farms in Cawston, BC. The farm has been a place of experimentation and innovation since Doug’s father ran the place. Doug continues that tradition and is proud to say that it shows in his beautiful Ambrosia apples. He even has a special technique for making sure his Ambrosia apples are extra rosy in colour.

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Wes Burdick

Despite being a real estate agent, farming has always been in Wes Burdick’s blood. He grew up on a dairy farm and when he and his family relocated to the Okanagan from Alberta, it wasn’t long before he’d found himself the owner of an apple orchard. A chance meeting and a spontaneous offer lead to an unexpected and happy change of pace for him. It was a steep learning curve, but he couldn’t be happier about getting back to his roots.

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Shane Witzke

Shane Witzke’s Kelowna Ambrosia Apple farm is a long way from Nazi-occupied Poland but that’s where his story begins. Shane’s grandfather fled his homeland with his family during WWII and made the long journey across Canada before finding his new home in the Okanagan. Over time, he acquired land in Kelowna and started a farm.

Two generations later, Shane operates the farm along with his father, which now prominently features Ambrosia apples.

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